Programme extract for the municipal election of the city of Salzburg 10th March 2019

DIE LINKE Salzburg Gemeinderatswahlen 2019

(full programme in German here)

We want more direct and participatory democracy in our city. This will enable the districts of Salzburg to develop their own plans. People living there should agree on budgets destined for their own district in district councils. We think that the city, until now, is focusing too much on the old city. It is preoccupied with tourism instead of it’s citizens living in the Salzburg.

We want to welcome foreigners. We believe they should have the right to vote at municipal elections.
Children who are born in Austria should automatically have access to citizenship as well as
Minors that have resided in Salzburg or Austria for more then 3 years. We know that people can have different centers of living, and therefore we support double nationalities

We propose free public transportation for people with low income.

Living in Salzburg has to become cheaper and must not exceed 25% of the monthly income of residents: We propose to reduce vacant living spaces by taxing unused properties. For example: In Amsterdam Airbnb renting has to be limited to one month per year.

We support small scale  businesses and therefore ask for the city to build more small shop facilities.

We support economic structures that promote a short commute. And therefore oppose free trade agreements that only benefit corporations.

The city is lacking in environmental efforts:
We support greening of roofs, facades, planting of fruit trees,
and giving more people the opportunity to grow their own food. We want the public greens to be places of diversity. We support good open spaces and facilities that are located close to where we all live.

Salzburg is being suffocated by car traffic. We demand a more efficient public transportation system with shorter intervals of 8 minutes and a reduction of individual traffic by 15%.

Animalprotection starts by also offering vegan food at public institutions. No cows should be kept in chains in Salzburg again. Doves managed naturally.
Horse-carriages should no
longer be permitted within the city. 

Sundays belong to people. We stand for drastic work-hours reductions to 6hrs per day and 30hrs per week. Leasing companies have to be abolished

Full programme in German

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